Ebook Reader Reviews

Are you looking to buy a dependable ebook reader without spending a fortune?

Well this website has all the ebook reader reviews you need to help you with your choice. There are lots of ebook readers on the market so its tough to figure out which ereaders are worth buying. To make things easier for you we will only be reviewing the ebook readers that really matter and are already established in the market. Keep in mind we will only be reviewing the ebook readers that matter to us; either because of its market survivability or because we like them a lot. We are open to reviewing ereaders that are not featured on this website, upon the reader request. Just leave a comment and let us know which ones you think we left out and we will test them out.

On this website we will also be reviewing some of the more popular tablet computers(Ipad) which can be used as ereaders. We wont be going into that much detail about their internet capabilities; however, if you are only a casual reader you may want to consider a tablet pc. Some of the tablet computers on the market not only beat some of the more popular ereaders at their own game; but they also offer full access to the internet at a bargain price. I often refer to the Ipad as the lazy pad because you can literally plan your whole day, arrange meetings, read books, check on your kids, play video games and countless other things while you are still in your bed.

The ebook devices we will be reviewing here include the Amazon Kindle, the Barnes and Noble Nook, the Pandigital Novel, the Sony Reader Pocket Edition, the Kobo ereader, the Ipad, the Samsung Galaxy Pad, and other soon to come ebook readers and tablets. Feel free to email us at chrisperkins504@gmail.com if you have any questions or you think we should add, ebook reader reviews or tablet reviews we missed.