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Amazon Kindle Review


Amazon's third generation reading device, comes out of the gate looking really strong. We can't, start this Amazon Kindle review, without talking about the new graphite finish which looks and feels really cool. The Kindle 3 is also lighter and slimmer than the Kindle 2, but best of all its wifi and 3G models have newly lowered prices. Although the market is now flooded with cheap ebook readers; none of them even comes close to having the features included with the Kindle 3. It's arguably still the leading name in the field, and amazon is already touting its 3rd model as the best selling ever.

THE GOOD: Price 189$. The Kindle 3 manages to stay at a low price despite the large improvements over the Kindle 2. It also has both wifi and 3G. There is free book browsing and buying at AT&T WiFi hotspots. There is also a 139$ model that includes WiFi but no free 3G. There are 8 fonts available which are more sharper in the Kindle 3 than in previous models. In my opinion the most impressive feature is the battery life. 1 month with wireless off and up to 10 days with wireless on. It's slimmer and more compact than the Kindle 2. It features a large library of hundreds of thousands of ebooks, newspapers, magazines and blogs via Amazon's familiar online store. With the improved, pdf reader; you can now add notes and highlights which is really cool. It adds accessibility for blind and low vision readers with its text to speech menus and its ability to make super large fonts. The text to speech app reads home page lists, item descriptions, and menus to you. With 4 GB of internal memory, its capable of storing up to 3,500 electronic books. It can also play mp3 and aac audio.

THE BAD: No expansion slot for adding memory. No protective carrying case included. The battery is locked in the device, so it can't be removed or replaced. There is no feature to lend ebooks to a friend, like the LendMe app the Nook has. There is no E-PUB support or touch screen ability. If you envision taking notes with a stylus than the Kindle 3 isn't the right ebook reader for you.

CONCLUSION: The Kindle 3 combines solid improvements (lower price, 50% better screen contrast, compactness, faster page turns, better PDF support, WiFi, lighter weight, longer battery life) with an even sharper focus on reading and simplicity. The third-generation Kindle's winning combination of noteworthy upgrades vaults it to the top of the e-book reader category. I hope this Amazon Kindle Review was helpful to you.


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