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Kobo Ereader Review

Kobo Ereader Review


In this article we will be doing a Kobo ereader review. The ebook reader market just keeps growing, with all sorts of products—some of which are much too expensive for mainstream buyers. The Borders-backed Kobo eReader is different. Its less expensive than the Barnes and Noble Nook, Amazon Kindle, and the Sony Reader Pocket Edition. The Kobo eReader also comes with 100 preloaded classic titles to get you started, like The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Moby Dick. If you don't need over-the-air(Wi-Fi) book purchases, it's a solid low-cost choice. Kobo also offers free apps for the iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Palm Pre, and Android devices. You can sync your books across multiple platforms—this way you can pick up where you left off using any device.                                             

The Kobo eReader's 1GB of internal memory can hold about 1000 e-book titles; an SD card slot at the top of the device offers extra storage if you need it. The e-Reader can access over a million books and e-Pub, Adobe D.R.M, and PDF files are supported. You can download or buy books at or Borders own ebook store. There is no wi-fi store like the other main stream ereaders on the market; so the big question for you is, do you need a connected reader? The Kobo eReader removes the instant gratification you'd get with a Kindle or Nook. Those devices let you browse, buy, and download books over the air in moments, wherever you can find a cellular signal. If you don't need wireless book downloads, though, the Kobo eReader is a solid choice at a cheap price.

THE GOOD: Relatively compact, lightweight, and affordable; integrates nicely with Borders ebook store; built-in Bluetooth; expansion slot for additional memory; $20 gift card bundled with unit; good battery life (up to two weeks). The original Kobo has been discontinued and replaced with a WiFi version, so consumers are finding great unbelievable deals on the original Kobo. The WIFI version is also a good bargain at only 99$.

THE BAD: No Wi-Fi or 3G wireless(original Kobo); somewhat generic feel to the whole device; screen contrast could be better in the original Kobo; however that has been improved in the wireless version.
CONCLUSION: The original Kobo is a steal at the price it is now, thanks to the new wifi version and Borders liquidation sale. If you decide to go with the WiFi version which I recommend, then disregard this review because I mainly focused on the original Kobo in this review. The Wi-Fi version retails at a very low 99$ price tag, a steal in my opinion. The Kobo Wireless eReader adds some of the features the first Kobo was lacking, which makes it a viable competitor to the Kindle and the Nook. If simplicity at an affordable price is what you're after, the Kobo Wireless eReader or the original Kobo eReader will serve you well. I hope this Kobo ereader review helped you.

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