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Now that touchscreens are making their way into the ereader market, the timing is right for the arrival of the Kobo Touch Edition. Even though the Nook and the Kindle Touch may be more popular in the states, the Kobo ereader is more popular world wide. The Kobo is indeed a viable alternative to the Nook and Kindle, as a pure ereading device. It has two attractive features that make it different from the Nook and Kindle Touch. First the ebook reader's file format is the same one offered by Kobo's ebook store, the relatively open E-PUB format, which uses Adobe's D.R.M. Unfortunately you can't side load books purchased from Amazon, Apple, or Barnes and Noble onto the Kobo Touch, even though it has a sd card slot and usb port.


All those retail giants use exclusive ebook formats, which enslaves their customers to their respective devices and apps. However, the books you purchase for the Kobo Touch can be side loaded onto all the other ebook readers and tablets in the market place. That's a good thing if you ever want to switch to a different ereading device, since your purchases aren't held hostage to a particular device from a single company. The second thing Kobo has going for it is that it has come up with an awesome idea to change a solitary activity such as ereading into a truly social activity. It has achieved this by adding a social game called Read On, to its ereader.


Read On gives you achievement based rewards and feedback on your reading prowess. You earn badges, goodies and prizes as you reach certain plateaus. In conclusion, for those looking for strictly an ereading device, the Kobo Touch is a nice little option. It's small enough to fit into your pockets and can do more with a PDF then either the Nook or the Kindle Touch. It isn't format restrictive like the Kindle and the Nook, so you can load just about any ebook file, onto the device. Even though the Kobo eReader Touch Edition is missing features I think would make it better, it still remains one of the best E-Ink options, available in the world.

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