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Sony Reader Pocket Edition

Sony Reader Pocket Edition



The Sony Reader Pocket Edition better known as the PRS-300, is about as inexpensive as pocket readers can get. It may lack extras that some of the other ebook readers offer, however; the Sony Reader Pocket Edition top-flight design and usability amply compensate for the missing features. Controls are simple and intuitive, starting with a big four-way navigation and selection wheel located in the center of the case, below the screen. The up and down buttons move a heavy black arrow through menus; the left (backward) and right (forward) buttons initiate page turns. You can easily jump to a specific page number by employing a vertical column of numeric buttons to the right of the screen, and then clicking the selection button on the navigation wheel. The number keys also offer an alternative way to the nav wheel for selecting menu options.

To keep the price low, Sony cut corners on font size options, so the Sony Reader Pocket Edition is a poor choice for people with impaired vision who need extra-large fonts. The Pocket Edition lacks audio support altogether. Reading on the Pocket Edition is easy and intuitive. The books I've read on it looked really good and flowed neatly. Page turns were responsive and pretty much on par with other devices. The Sony Reader Pocket Edition is an appealing choice, not just for buyers on a budget but for anyone who wants a small ebook reader to carry in a purse or backpack. Also, there is a higher priced, touch screen version for those of you adept at using the Iphone and Ipad.

THE GOOD: With its sharp 5-inch screen, the Sony Reader Pocket Edition is much more compact than the Kindle and fits comfortably in one hand when reading; font size is adjustable; decent battery life; Sony's eBook Library software is now both Windows- and Mac-compatible, with best sellers costing $9.99 (just like Amazon); E-pub file compatibility lets you access thousands of free classic Google Books and loaner files from many local libraries; also displays Word and PDF files.

THE BAD: No expandable memory; battery is sealed into unit; screen may be too small for some people; limited zoom function with PDF files; cannot display JPEGs or play back MP3 files; not as zippy as the step-up PRS-600.
CONCLUSION: While the Sony Reader Pocket Edition PRS-300 has a basic feature set, its affordable price tag, compact size, and E-pub file compatibility make it an appealing ebook reader.

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